Busy Busy - Cards that can work for you!

At BusyCards we specialize in designing and printing cards for all purposes: business cards, postcards, invitation cards, flashcards, and greetings cards.

There are times when a letter is not quite right, nor a phone call, nor an e-mail. A suitable card can be just the thing to use. Get busy! Choose a card! Design your own and send it to us, or ask us to do it all for you.

One of our BusyCard concepts is for the user to pop a note on a separate sheet inside the card, so that the card remains clean and ready for re-use over and over - practical recycling! The size of all single fold BusyCards is designed to take, very neatly, a sheet of A4 cut, or folded, as appropriate, to A5 or A6. They are supplied with an adhesive strip of not-very-sticky tape which can be re-used several times over. Fun to receive - fun to send-on to someone else! Another advantage is that the A5 size card will fit into a C5 envelope and still count as a Small Letter for postage at the cheapest rate.

One of the problems facing many people today is that they cannot easily print onto a good quality card: at busycards.com we have invested in the equipment to do that for you. It is difficult to buy a small quantity of the right material to print on: we have stocks of different types of card. Designs are not always easy to come by: we can work for you in that area also, if you wish.

Help is available for you at just the click of your mouse. If you need us, here we are! If you know what you want - just order now. If you need a template of our preferred layout, click here. If you need more help - browse on, or ask us!

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