Busy business cards - working for you!

Successful business people know how much work their business cards do for them. Armed with this knowledge they go to great pains to have a card that does them justice. What a sense of pride there is in having that simple rectangle of card looking, and feeling, just right.

At busycards.com we are anxious that you should have a product that works for you. We can design your business card, or adapt one of our ready-made designs to suit your needs, or we can print and make your cards from your own design.

If you would like to see, and feel, some samples please write and ask for them: we will be pleased to oblige. We show examples here on the www, but you really need to hold a card in your own hand to realise the quality of the thick, super-calendered, Ivory Board that we use. Most traditional printers are not able to produce good quality cards in small, inexpensive, quantities.

Here at busycards.com we have made jigs and templates, and use specially adapted giclee printers to produce short runs of cards, of any size, suitable for all professions. The easiest way to see a sample is to order some of your own cards, by selecting from one of our ranges. Send us your details, or your file, and we will get busy, making cards that will be busy for you!

The advent of the home computer, coupled with the brilliant software and excellent printers that are available at modest cost, means that many people can make their own cards, and very successful they are too. But they impress potential clients on several levels: "nice design (pity about the limp card)"; "great logo (shame your scissors were blunt when you trimmed the card"; "oh - so you are a builder" (is all your work out of square?")

We also print many other types of card: for invitations; greetings; correspondence; and post cards. If you think we can help you - please enquire.

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