Giclee printing

Giclee printers use a high quality ink-jet technique with special inks. These can currently work at resolutions well over 2000dpi, and blend up to eight different colours of ink to obtain the subtlest of effects. Our giclee printers are calibrated, with specialist laboratory equipment, to produce accurate results over as wide a gamut as possible. We use fade-resistant dyes, or light-fast pigments, as is the more appropriate.

At we can print onto a number of different types of card. For the highest definition work we need to use carefully coated, and acid-free, fine art papers. These are made by a few specialist firms, and we are constantly undertaking research to ensure that the finest surfaces are available for our top-of-the-range cards in the "Gold", or "Platinum" ranges.

We can also print by conventional offset litho, onto best quality coated white heavy weight card, our "Diamond" range. Litho traditionally uses four colours of ink, but we are able to offer up to six colours, for a wider gamut through, the "Hexachrome" printing service in our "Emerald" range.

Cards in our "Ivory Range" are printed on uncoated board, and as such the inks provide a softer and more subtle effect than is provided by the sharp bite of the other ranges. Your personal preference will help you decide: we try to offer something for everyone.

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