What board makes quality business card?

Weight is not the only factor to be considered when making a nice card. The card should be stiff, and have a smooth surface. Pulp Board of 300gm, or more, is considered by some to be perfectly adequate for business cards, but it is less stiff, and less smooth than some specially made boards. Human finger tips are very sensitive, and on being presented with a card the thickness, stiffness, and polish of the board are conveyed to our senses almost faster than the writing on the card.

Most paper manufacturers have a range of boards suitable for best quality business cards, and the printing trade often loosely refers to such boards by a trade name such as Ivorex or Mellotex. As with the Hoover and Biro these are names that are generically, and possibly wrongly, used to describe comparable products.

At BusyCards we do use both Ivorex and Mellotex, or other brands of white or tinted boards of similar quality from different paper mills - such as Classic Superwove; Conqueror CX22; Pacemaker; Fern. We tend to use the descriptor Ivory Board, where the capital letters indicate that it is the name of a particular (but non-proprietary) quality of card.

Our quotations will specify the product to be used. "Mellotex" will mean Mellotex. "Tinted Ivory Board" might also mean Mellotex, but depending on the shade required, or our stock situation, might refer to another comparable board. We will try never to use a trade name as a generic descriptor.

Traditionally, business cards have been printed on Ivory Board, but for many years a wide variety of other types of board has been suitable. Rib Laid; Rustic Laid; wove; laid; laminated; coated; art; textured boards; are all very acceptable. (We have not checked, but suspect that the names we have capitalized, above, are trade marks for the wider or wavy "ridges" on the card.)

If you have a particular requirement the staff at BusyCards will be pleased to try to meet it. A run of 200 business cards is made by cutting them down from five or six large boards, which does not make much impression on the minimum quantity parcel of 200 large boards we have to buy. It is costly for us to stock a particular item for which there may be little further demand, but we will consider all requests. It follows from all this that we do have some "unusual" boards in stock. If you wish to be adventurous, just ask!

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