Our Guarantee

We appreciate that buying by e-mail and postal services requires trust from both parties. We are anxious to preserve our reputation by supplying goods that are as described, and will do so in a timely fashion. We would wish to be given the opportunity to rectify any mistakes, and will do so quickly and with good grace.

We offer several services. Those that are economically priced provide goods of reasonable quality within tightly controlled specifications: otherwise we could not stay in business. If you have critical requirements, such as an exact colour match, we will try to meet them, but items will cost more: we will quote beforehand. If you are in any doubt, please ask for samples, or use a service that offers proofs, and discuss your needs with us at an early stage.

We enjoy a good relationship with Trading Standards, and your UK consumer rights are not affected by anything we say here. Clients' funds are kept in an escrow account for 14 days after despatch of goods, after which time satisfaction is assumed, and the funds are transferred to our main account. We are members of the Made in Cornwall Approved Origin Scheme (MIC) run by Cornwall County Council Trading Standards Department.

If you are dissatisfied with any of our products or service then we are prepared either to replace the goods at no further cost, or to offer an immediate refund without any argument or need for arbitration, provided the following conditions are met.

We require notice of the reasons for your dissatisfaction in a written form (e-mail, fax, by post) immediately on receipt of goods. We are likely to ask for the goods in question to be returned, carriage paid by you, in full quantity, within seven days. Please state whether you wish for a replacement or refund. If a replacement is appropriate we will pay for its delivery. If a replacement cannot be made to meet your requirement then we will make an appropriate refund.

The size of any refund is limited to the value of the lowest price break of the item in question, unless the fault lies with a larger repeat order. In other words do not order lots of items until you have satisfied yourself as to the finished product by ordering the smallest quantity as a check. Repeat orders should be a reasonable match to an original order placed within the previous three months, but we do not keep reference or file copies of items once despatched.

A record of any complaint and of its outcome will be held on our files. Future orders under the same customer reference will only be accepted if proofs, or minimal order sizes in lieu of proofs, are ordered in the first instance.

We reserve the right to decline to undertake work for any customer.

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