Ivory Board

This is the traditional name in the printing trade for the best quality stiff white uncoated card. Sometimes called Bristol Board (one place where the original expertise lay).

Ivory Board is given an extra polish, called super-calendering, at the end of the manufacturing process. It also has more of a "spring" to it - the opposite to floppiness.

Our business cards are printed, using special giclee printers, on boards ranging in weight from 300gm up to 400gm Ivory Board - the heaviest weight that is made. Most of our prices are based on boards of weight 320gm or 330gm. (What is gm ?)

Ivory Board has nothing to do with elephants' tusks, nor with an off-white or pale cream colour: our Ivory Board is a good, bright, white. Some lightly tinted super-calendered boards are also available, and the range of colours is even wider if we use wove, or laid, or other speciality boards.

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