Preferences for Business Card Design

Here are some suggestions as to what we would prefer. You are welcome to follow your own design requirements for your business cards. These are our preferences - not our rules and regulations. If in doubt, just do your own thing.

If you wish to send a tif or jpeg then please choose a suitable size for your file. Anything over 1mb (jpg) or 2 mb (tif) is really far too big.

Ideally we would like to have a tif at 300 dpi and of size 90mm x 60mm (3.54inches by 2.36inches). We can change your file to fit that size for you, but the ratio needs to be 3:2. If it is to be litho printed it needs to be 400dpi (and cmyk - but we can change that for you).

If you are sending words and pictures for us to make into a card for you, then please send them separately, one as a txt file, and the other as a tif or jpeg. It is sometimes very difficult to extract the picture from a composite design made in some proprietary software products. We are unable to accept the less popular file-types, and you will have to convert your design to a tif or jpeg.

We can accept a number of proprietary software files - Word; CorelDraw; PhotoShop - but it is much easier for you to "export" from your chosen package into a non-proprietary format. Sometimes we are unable (for example) to extract a logo from the text surrounding it. We do need to be able to do this in order to "import" it into our software. If we cannot read your file we will tell you.

We cannot stock all the fonts that the public uses (although we have 3000 on file). This is another reason for us to ask that you convert your design into a .tif file. Do not send us your font files: it is illegal for anyone to use them other than the person who paid for them and who holds the licence. You can legitimately send a picture of your fonts as set out by you, but you may not send the files themselves.

Although we have asked for 90x60mm please note that the finished size will be 85x55mm (3.35inches by 2.17inches). This means that 2.5mm (one tenth of an inch), all around, will be cut away to waste. This is known as bleed. It also helps if you keep text a further 5mm or 8mm (one quarter of an inch) away from the edges. There are good reasons for this - one being to avoid things looking cramped.

BusyCards preferred layout for business card

Business card preferences illustrated.
Click the image for a view of the finished product,
or here for an enlarged version of the above.

The little logo in the centre of this card shows that we are members of the Made in Cornwall Scheme (MIC).

If you use CorelDraw then we have made available a useful file, which can be downloaded from here. It is available in version 12 format, or for those with earler versions (including Corel Essentials) it is also in version 7 format, which should open without trouble in any more recent version.

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