Ordering Cards

To place an order for business cards, or any other card, just tell us what you want - we don't have order forms for you to complete (although we do have a cut-and-paste page that you may find helpful).

Post to us at BusyCards, High View, Moorland Way, Gunnislake, Cornwall, PL18 9EX, UK, or send an e-mail to mail@highview.co.uk - and please be careful to have a meaningful subject line, otherwise your message will be deleted by anti-spam software before it reaches us. We acknowledge all e-mails - if you do not get a reply then please send it again, with a different subject line.

If you are ordering business cards then you may care to read of our preferences (but you don't have to follow them). We also have a check list to remind you of essential items. You can cut and paste this if you wish.

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