Payment Policy

All our work is undertaken on a payment-with-order basis. There has to be trust on both sides in transactions of this nature. Whilst our reputation for fair dealing is the cornerstone of our business we cannot vouch for all our customers, especially with current facilities for anonymous communication. Experience shows, sadly, that we also have to protect ourselves against numerous time-wasters.

Since this notice is "on the web" then we assume that readers will not have difficulty in using web-based payment methods.

If you have an e-bank account, telephone banking, or access to BACS, then transfer money to ours: the sort code is 09-06-66 and the account is 40961243. Please send an e-mail to notify us of the transaction, since the bank does not, and we do not check it daily. We cannot start work until payment has arrived.

PayPal can help pay your bills.If you have an account with PayPal then you will be able to transfer the money to very easily, and your message will be delivered to our mail box at the same time as notification of payment. If you have not got an account with PayPal then other similar methods may be available, or you may consider opening a PayPal account - it is simple, secure, and free of charge to you. (Their fee is deducted by them from the amount we receive.) We cannot start work until payment has arrived.

If you wish to pay by credit card then we must ask you to do so via the PayPal route. We do not have the facility to process transactions from other operators. We cannot start work until payment has arrived.

We accept UK sterling cheques by post, and will start work on receipt of the order. Goods will not be shipped-out until the cheque has cleared. Allow ten working days for this - to cover postage to our bank, clearing, and postage from our bank in case of difficulty with the presentation of the cheque. We cannot start work until payment has cleared.

Payment can be made with postal orders or money - which must be sent by some form of "signature required" delivery. We cannot start work until payment has arrived.

Our goods are shipped-out using Royal Mail with certificate of posting. Recorded delivery, or similar service, requires an extra charge, passed-on to you at cost. We use national carriers when appropriate. They do require someone to be on the premises to accept delivery, and to know the recipient's telephone number in case of problems.

We are able to offer discounts or vouchers from time to time. Please do not assume that these can be aggregated. As with most "offers" it is likely that only one will apply per order. If a promotion has an expiry date it is made to stimulate business at a quiet time, or while discounted stocks are on the shelf. We cannot honour offers once they have expired. When we issue a "cash voucher" it may be used in addition to any other discount, and it will state that, clearly, on it. Vouchers can be offset against items paid for via the Internet or telephone. All our vouchers are numbered, and the number must be quoted so that it may be cancelled on our system.

We do not have a set price list. Prices are determined by the amount of work done on behalf of a client, and are kept as low as possible. There is no promise that future orders can be held at the same price as charged for earlier orders, but we invariably try to beat inflation.

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