Your Privacy

We do not show your work to any other client without your permission. For practical purposes we provide a proofing service via the www, but the location of this is not made public.

From time to time, we may ask to use an appropriate job as a sample, for the benefit of all. If you wish we will display relevant items on our web site - this has advantages for both of us - at terms to be agreed (currently without charge).

We keep relevant business details on a single computer, which is not connected to the Internet. We do not process personal data beyond the immediate needs for tracking an order and its payment. We do not "open accounts", and so statements are not necessary. We are registered under the Data Protection Act.

We do not pass any information about you to anyone else.

We may, occasionally, decide to notify you of new products or price changes by mail or e-mail, although we do not at present have any plans to do this.

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