Sample BusyCards

We have many samples of our cards, and would be pleased to supply you with an appropriate selection of BusyCards, to enable you to choose what will best suit your requirements. You need to see, and feel, a card to get the full impression.

The www is an effective medium for promoting wares, such as ours. With such a wide readership there are invariably some people who ask for samples without honest intent. To restrict this we only provide samples by one of two methods.

Business Cards

If you write to ask for samples of business cards, or other small items, and enclose an addressed envelope, stamped with UK postage stamps to cover up to 60gm first or second class, we will post them to you immediately. We will include a non-transferable voucher worth £1, valid for 28 days, towards an order, and a second voucher for £1 which may be used in addition to that above, and can be passed-on to a friend and used at any future time. (A total refund of £2 towards your postage costs.) We regret that this method is unlikely to be of any use to people outside the UK. Our mailing address is High View, Moorland Way, Delaware, Gunnislake, Cornwall, PL18 9EX. A selection from our current range of samples is shown below. Click on an image for more explanation.

Some further examples of cards we have recently produced are here on the www, although not all of these are available to be sent to you as samples.

Greetings Cards and similar items

You can buy a sample pack of greetings and similar cards. The cards in these sample packs are more than samples - they are useful and attractive - BusyCards that can actually be put to work, and you are welcome to re-order them if you wish! (This service is currently not available: but will be, soon.)

Need a card? Use BusyCard!

Appoinment card sample from Busy Cards BusyCard sample business card by Ian Pethers Flowering Cherry BusyCard sample Tulips sample card from Business card sample from BusyCards Sample appointment card

Tulips sample card from Typeface and card sample from BusyCards Artist and Illustrator Ian Pethers of Glenrock Studio - his business card Hawthorn in the Hedge - a BusyCard sample business card makes cards for every need!

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